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Sleeping in horses

Sleeping in horses

The horse and donkey sleep in a standing position on their four legs, as well as on the side, abdomen and stages of sleep when the horse, as in the human going through five stages. During periods of sleep the horse does not sleep more than 3 hours a day (may vary depending on the need) spend an hour in the stage of dreams is one of the most dreamy animals, preferably tie bandage bandage on the legs of the horse inside her tears during sleep.

The length of sleep varies depending on the location of the horse. Horses resident in the stables sleep more than the horses of the pasture and dowry sleep longer than the mature horse and horses sleep longer in the hot atmosphere than in the cold weather. Oats just slept longer than methyla who used to graze and eat grass.

Sleep helps to relax muscles, reduce breathing rates and heartbeat, and reduce the temperature of the horse, which is a renewed vitality and activity and makes it ready to perform exercises.

Note: The horse finds it difficult to stand and stand after sleeping on the ground, especially if it is on one side because the horse's back does not fold and remains straight when moving

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